Our research interests

We study the biological basis of diseases caused by microbes – whether it be a parasitic worm, a pathogenic bacterium, or a complex microbial community in the gut. Our group makes up the Center for Host-Microbial Interactions, at PennVet, and our research leverages a diverse skill set that cuts across the disciplines of genomics, microbiology and immunology. We engage in collaborative projects that benefit from close interactions with veterinarians and human clinicans alike. Our research embodies the idea of One-Health - that humans, animals and the enviroment are interconnected, and that we all live in a microbial world. We are located at the The University of Pennsylvania, in The Department of Pathobiology.


Database-driven approach to microbiome research

We collaborate with database programmers and software designers to build web-based tools that empower researchers to integrate, query and visualize microbiome data and metadata from large numbers of samples.

Bioinformatics Education

We’re interested in teaching wet-lab biologists all about coding in R and how to employ best practices in bioinformatics.

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