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Inflammatory monocytes promote granuloma control of Yersinia infection

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An open-source toolkit to expand bioinformatics training in infectious diseases

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Remodeling of the maternal gut microbiome during pregnancy is shaped by parity

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Regulation of the intercellular biomolecule transfer-driven tumor angiogenesis, growth, and responses to anti-cancer therapies

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Activation of p38α stress-activated protein kinase drives the formation of the pre-metastatic niche in the lungs

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Variable gene expression and parasite load predict treatment outcome in cutaneous leishmaniasis

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Lifecycle progression and sexual development of the apicomplexan parasite Cryptosporidium parvum

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Diet-induced remission in chronic enteropathy is associated with altered microbial community structure and synthesis of secondary bile acids

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Gut microbiota features associated with Clostridioides difficile colonization in puppies

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Glycolysis is important for optimal asexual growth and formation of mature tissue cysts by Toxoplasma gondii

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MicrobiomeDB: a systems biology platform for integrating, mining and analyzing microbiome experiments

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Stress during pregnancy alters temporal and spatial dynamics of the maternal and offspring microbiome in a sex-specific manner

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T Regulatory Cells Support Plasma Cell Populations in the Bone Marrow.

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Inactivation of interferon receptor promotes the establishment of immune privileged tumor microenvironment.

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Suppression of type I interferon signaling overcomes the oncogene-induced senescence and mediates melanoma development and progression.

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T Cell Receptor-Induced NF-kB signaling and transcriptional activation are regulated by STIM1- and Orai1-mediated calcium entry.

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Type I Interferons Control Proliferation and Function of Intestinal Epithelium.

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IL-4 dependent, eosinophil-mediated support of nematode growth occurs in the context of an innate response to tissue injury.

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Genome sequencing reveals clonal dynamics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the same household in the context of clinical disease in a person and a dog

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The Orphan Nuclear Receptor TLX is an Enhancer of STAT1-mediated Transcription and Immunity to Toxoplasma gondii.

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