Beiting Lab Website

This is the website for my research group at School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our group makes up the Center for Host-Microbial Interactions at PennVet and, allowing us to work closely with veterinarians and veterinary researchers on interdisciplinary research projects related to microbiology and infectious diseases.

This website was created using GitHub and the static site generator, Jekyll. I used the HydeJack template from @hydecorp for this one, and have previously used the minimal mistakes template from @mmistakes. Both are great, but are built with blogging in mind, so it takes a bit of tweaking to showcase research projects and papers. I sprung for the pro (paid) version of Hydejack template, specifically because of the ‘portfolio’ feature, which I thought made for a nice way to highlight our research and press/media coverage.

In the process of making lab websites with GitHub and Jekyll, I learned a lot (read, copying large portions of) many great Jekyll-based lab websites. Here are some great one’s you might want to check out:

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