Alex Berry

Alex completed his PhD in biology at UPenn, working in Dustin Brisson’s lab where he studied the population genetics of Trypanosoma cruzi in Peru. He was a postdoc with us from 2018-2020, during which time he instrumental in our studies of the microbiome in large animal models. He was the first to show that natural parasite infections are a dominant factor in shaping microbiome structure in humans and animals (preprint here), and his most recently work used pigs to understand the impact of pregnancy and pregnancy history (parity) on the microbiome and offspring colonization. In addition, Alex has played a key role in supporting and developing our transcriptomics course, and is currently writing up a manuscript that outlines a model for how this class could be broadly utilized for teaching transcriptomics to parasitology and immunology researchers in the US as well as in in lower- and middle-income countries.

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