Development of the community-based Ontology of Host-Microbiome Interactions (OHMI) and its application on study of the interaction between microbiomes and rheumatic diseases

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IL-27 and TCR stimulation promote T cell expression of multiple inhibitory receptors

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CD8 T cells induce cytotoxicity in an NKG2D-dependent manner in human cutaneous leishmaniasis

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Unlikely to happen

Mining the T. gondii transcriptome: Generalizable strategies for recognizing alternative splicing, stage-specific mRNA and lncRNA expression, and improving genome annotation

Diaz-Miranda MA, Bernal A, Beiting DP, Dragomir I, Gregory BD, Xia D, Wastling J, Hehl AB, Fritz HM, Boothroyd JC, Brestelli J, Brunk B, and Roos DS under review at BMC Genomics, Dec 22.

IL-27 Promotes Treg Cell Expression of Inhibitory Receptors.

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