Daniel Beiting bio photo

Daniel Beiting :: Assistant Professor; Technical Director

I am an immunologist using 'omics approaches to interrogate the host-pathogen interface.

Shuai Wang bio photo

Shuai Wang :: Visiting Scholar

My research employs genome sequencing and comparative genomic methods to explore the biology, evolution and host-parasite interface of some medically important parasites. My current study focuses on interactions between host intestinal microbiome and the parasite Toxoplasma gondii

Ying Chen bio photo

Ying Chen :: Lab Volunteer

My research interests include using high-throughput sequencing technologies and computational tools to tackle a broad range of questions for the lab and CHMI collaborators.

Francislon Silva Oliveira bio photo

Francislon Silva Oliveira :: Ph.D. student; Brazilian 'sandwich' program

Bioinformatics developer and passionate about science. My current research is focused on exploring the microbiome world through new data visualization analysis tools.

Megan Sullivan bio photo

Megan Sullivan :: Research Specialist

Camila Farias Amorim bio photo

Camila Farias Amorim :: Postdoctoral researcher

My interests center mainly around using high-throughput sequencing to study the human immune response during cutaneous leishmaniasis.